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What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are received in the terminal from a visited website and are used to record certain browsing interactions on a website, storing data that can be updated and retrieved.

These files are stored on the user’s computer and contain anonymous data that is not harmful to your computer. They are used to remember user preferences, such as the selected language, access data or personalization.

Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how the visitor uses the website. For example, from which web page it has been accessed or if you have used an advertising banner to reach it.

What uses do the different types of cookies have?

According to its purpose:

  • Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those essential and strictly necessary for the proper functioning of a website and the use of the different options and services it offers. For example, those that serve to maintain the session, response time management, performance or validation of options, use of security elements, content sharing with social networks, etc.

  • Personalization cookies

These cookies allow the user to specify or customize some features of the general options of the website. For example, define the language, the regional configuration or the type of browser.

  • Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are those used by our website to create browsing profiles and be able to know the preferences of users in order to improve the offer of products and services. For example, by means of an analytical cookie, the geographical areas of most interest to a user would be controlled, which is the most accepted product, etc.

  • Advertising / advertising cookies

Advertising cookies allow the management of advertising spaces according to specific criteria. For example, the frequency of access, the content edited, etc. Advertising cookies allow, through advertising management, to store behavior information through the observation of habits, studying accesses and forming a profile of user preferences, to offer advertising related to the interests of your profile.

According to term:

  • Session cookies

Session cookies are those that during the time the user is browsing the web page and are deleted when it ends.

  • Persistent cookies

These cookies are stored in the user’s terminal for a longer time, thus facilitating the control of the chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time the website is visited.


Why do we use cookies?

We use strictly necessary and essential cookies for you to use our website and be able to move freely, use secure areas, configure personalized options, etc. We also use cookies that collect data related to the analysis of web use. These are used to help improve the user experience and the performance of the page.

Third-party cookies can be installed on some web sites. We do not control the cookies used by these third parties on external websites. For more information about cookies from foreign websites, we advise you to review their own cookie policies.

The cookies used by this site are:






Cookie és set per al GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and use store whether or not user has consented to use of cookies. It does not store any personal data.

1 hour



Aquesta galeta és native to PHP applications. La cookie és usada per a la sessió i identifica a usuaris' unique session ID per a purpose's de la sessió de sessió en el lloc web. La galeta és la sessió galetes i està deletada quan tots els navegadors windows estan tancats.

1 year



Aquesta galeta està instal·lada per Google Analytics. La galeta s'utilitza per calcular visitor, sessió, camapig data i keep track de lloc usat per a un lloc analytics report. Les galetes store information anonymously assignen a randoly generades number to identify unique visitors.

2 years



Aquesta galeta està instal·lada per Google Analytics. La cookie utilitza el centre d'informació visitors de visites utilitzant llocs web i suports per a crear analytics report de la pàgina web. Les dades recullen incloses el nombre de visitors, el lloc que té com a from, i les pàgines visites en una forma anònima.

1 day



Aquestes galetes estan instal·lades per a Google Universal Analytics per obtenir la requesta per limitar la col·lecció de dades en els millors llocs de treball.

1 minut



Aquesta galeta és set per GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. purpose aquesta galeta és per a la check whether or not the user has given the consent to the usage of cookies des de la categoria 'Necessary'.

1 year



Aquesta galeta és set per GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. La puresa de la galeta és per a la revisió de les dades, que no són les que tenen accés a consentir la utilització de les galetes des de la categoria 'No-Necessary'.

1 year



In other places on the site, third-party cookies are installed for all visitors, even if they are not registered users on the corresponding platforms:

  • On Facebook: datr, reg_fb_gate, reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_ref. Its purposes are described on the Facebook cookie page. In other places on the site, third-party cookies are installed for all visitors, even if they are not registered users on the corresponding platforms:
  • On Twitter: pid, _twitter_sess, guest_id, _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, _utmv, _utmt. Its purposes are described on the Twitter cookie page.


How to manage cookies?

To use this website it is necessary to install cookies. If you continue browsing our website without denying the authorization, it implies that you accept the use. You must bear in mind that if you reject or delete the browsing cookies, we will not be able to maintain your preferences and it is possible that some features of the web pages will not be operational.

You can revoke the consent granted by ceasing browsing, not accepting them or configuring your browser to block them, and where appropriate delete them. More information for each browser:


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