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Mother's Day: Give moments at Xalet del Golf 

Mother's Day is approaching and, with it, the task of choosing what to give her. They take care of us, they pamper us, they worry that we are well at all times and no matter what happens, they are always there to support and help us. There is no doubt who we are talking about. They are: the mothers.

And, although we know that it is not always easy to find a gift that you like, that excites you and that is original, we have the magic formula to get it right.

When it's Mother's Day?

Next Sunday they celebrate their day, Mother's Day, as always, we want to give you a hand to make it an absolutely special day, the day that she deserves.

The celebration of Mother's Day dates back to the times of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. At that time, festivals were held in honor of the mother goddesses. In the 17th century, the so-called "Mothering Sunday" began to be celebrated in England. During this day, children had a tradition of giving gifts to their mothers.

Before 1914, there was no official date for Mother's Day. In Spain, Mother's Day used to be celebrated on December 8 for the Immaculate Conception, since the 14th century. In 1965, the current date was established in Spain: the first Sunday in May, relating it to the Virgin Mary. This date honors both the Virgin Mary and all mothers in the world.

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Experiences in Puigcerdà and Cerdanya

This picturesque destination is ideal for those looking for a unique and exciting experience to celebrate this significant day. With its impressive landscapes, its rich gastronomic culture and its historic center full of medieval buildings, Puigcerdà offers the perfect setting to enjoy an unforgettable getaway together.

By staying at the Hotel Xalet del Golf, a cozy and modern high-quality accommodation, you ensure a comfortable stay that will perfectly complement the Mother's Day experience.

Activities for the Whole Family in Puigcerdà

On a getaway, your mother can enjoy activities such as hiking, cycling, sightseeing or even simply resting and tasting the local cuisine.

Nature Walks: Enjoy the natural beauty of Puigcerdà with mountain walks and visits to the charming Puigcerdà Lake. Explore the historic center with its medieval buildings and the impressive Church of Santa María.

– Shopping and Gastronomy: Take a tour of the local shops and try delicious Catalan cuisine at nearby restaurants. Don't miss traditional dishes such as escudella and trinxat, as well as typical desserts such as crema catalana and mel y mata.

Give experiences

On Mother's Day, we reflect on how to express our love and gratitude toward the most important women in our lives. While material gifts like jewelry and clothing are popular, there is an even more meaningful option: gifting experiences.

It is a unique opportunity to honor and thank our mothers for everything they do for us and to allow them to enjoy something truly memorable.

What do you prefer for this Mother's Day?

Family Getaway Package with Half Board: Enjoy a relaxing stay with your family, with delicious meals included. The perfect combination of rest and local gastronomy!

– 2 Night Family Getaway Package: Extend your experience with a two-night stay at our hotel. Discover Puigcerdà at your own pace and make the most of this special getaway.

In short, Puigcerdà and the Hotel Xalet del Golf offer the perfect combination to celebrate Mother's Day. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, rich food culture, and exciting activities this city has to offer. Book now at the Hotel Xalet del Golf and celebrate a Happy Mother's Day!

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