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History of the Hotel Xalet del Golf

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A hotel with a long history

In 1929, the year of the Universal Exhibition in Barcelona, HM King Alfonso XIII inaugurated the Real Club de Golf de Cerdanya, one of the most traditional clubs nationwide.

The Xalet del Golf is linked to the history of this Club. The Hotel, built in 1948 to provide the golf course with residential facilities that would attract clients who love golf, soon became a meeting place for the Catalan bourgeoisie.

Great personalities such as HM King Juan Carlos I, King Humberto of Savoy, presidents of the Generalitat of Catalonia, internationally renowned actors and other personalities who occupy a prominent place in the recent history of our country, passed through its facilities.

In 1970, Alberto Lucarini took over the management of the Chalet and achieved a loyal clientele with a caring, close and familiar service, valued both by the clients who became part of its history and by the members of the Real Club de Golf. For 30 years the Lucarini family managed the hotel until a fire in 2001 burned it to the ground.

In 2003 the hotel re-emerged, rebuilt by its owners and, after a stage in which the Lucarini family undertook new projects, in 2011 it resumed the management of the Hotel with two great assets: the experience and good work of Alberto Lucarini and the renewed style of its Sandro son.

Refurbished in 2021

A new hotel group acquires the Hotel and undergoes a complete reform, giving it an exclusive and modern design, and assuming the exciting challenge of restoring the essence and prestige of its best moments.

An unmatched level of service and careful and creative customer service to
make your stay memorable.

Live an unforgettable experience in La Cerdanya

Discover all the charm of La Cerdanya at the Hotel Xalet del Golf.

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